Beast Mode

...isn’t just a caption to convince people that you’re “booked &busy” on Instagram…’s a zone you get in when you’re tired of the same ole same ole, and when you’re ready for change.

On July 5th, I attended the Millions Conference by Tiphani Montgomery and it inspired me to action. Too many times we go to people to be inspired but do nothing with the inspiration. We go for the feeling of the moment, and in all honesty, so we can post on Instagram that we went somewhere and use that above title under our pictures.

I’m grateful for all the speakers that were there and the time they took to impart wisdom into entrepreneurs desiring to be at their level or greater. Since the conference, I learned that it takes a lot of work to get out of a instant gratification moment. Success doesn’t come to you instantly. Putting your mind and hands to the plow of what God has assigned you to do takes time and hard work.

There is a lot of doubting, emotional roller coasters, and even battling with the thoughts you think about yourself and your business.

Check out my previous blog post ‘Mind Your Mind’ on that topic

Additionally, as a believer in Christ there is a lot of spiritual warfare attached to the process of birthing a vision. One moment you are consistent in prayer and making God the CEO of your business, and the next it begins to feel like that consistency is in vain. It feels like all you were doing doesn’t make sense bc someone didn’t come along yet to boost you to the masses or even validate that you are on the right track.

So what is beast mode? 

I gather a beast is one who goes crazy for what it wants. I assume a beast tunes out the world and tunes in the WORD. I calculate that a beast doesn’t care how they look in adversity, or compare how they are to the cute people on social platforms who really aren’t doing what they say.

I decided to consult Google on what this term specifically means and here are some definitions that stood out:

Beast - a person's brutish or untamed characteristics.


- an inhumanly cruel, violent, or depraved person

God’s calling me to be a ‘Beast’ towards the things he’s given me. When I say violent I don’t me being that way toward people with some random weapon (I don’t even own one of those so😂🤷🏾‍♀️)

But this:

  • Consulting God in prayer about next steps in the business process. How he wants business to flow.

  • To be so committed and strong in the work required. No matter how crazy people think I look. To be authentically dedicated to the work.

  • To threaten the territory that is for me to claim. Tapping into the powerful God that I serve and taking captive every imagination that goes against the assignment he has set for me.

  • Depriving myself of all things that will distract me from getting the work done or distracting me from being as effective as I could be.

That’s what God intends for my beast mode to look like.

I believe it’s the same for you if you have something you are actively working on.

This process isn’t the easiest and times like today make me wonder if God’s hands are really on TheLillySpeaks like he confirmed.

That’s when I have to humble myself, look around and realize that I am further than I was yesterday.

That’s when I have to resubmit to the will of God and thank him for the movement of my limbs and see what I could make better .

That’s when I have to remove myself from the distractions and get into my quiet time of prayer to ABBA.

That’s when I have to get out my head and get in BEAST MODE.

Take a step back. Look. You are in the perfect spot now. How you utilize now determines how tomorrow will BEAST MODE on that Heaux!