I Fell in The Middle of The Mexican Jungle

Welll...this is quite embarrassing,but at the same time I feel like a warrior so here it goes..

Above: Me on the ATV after the Jungle Excusion in Mexico.

Above: Me on the ATV after the Jungle Excusion in Mexico.

This moment I I conquered a fear!

We drove through the jungle (very fast I might add) in the living spaces of wild animals. I was at the very end of the pack and tended to drift further behind due to my fear of not being able to control the ATV on the narrow,rocky roads at the speed everyone was going. As my fear grew, the ATV barley went over a small tree truck and tipped over. This resulted in me falling over in the mud...in the middle of a jungle. I was pretty calm, however in my calmness I couldn’t help but think about potential dangers of a wild cougar coming after me and eating my flesh. Sounds calm right?


After a minute or so the excursion leader, Mario, came and found me standing on top of the tilted over ATV so I wouldn’t further soak my socks and torn up Payless shoes further in the mud. 

The rest of the journey I continued to drift in the back becoming more fearful of the possibility of falling , then a thought came to mind: “What could I do if Fear was not holding me back?” 

For the majority of my life Fear has been the primary ruler. Begging a church kid I would love to say God, but secretary I held fear at a higher standard. 

My thinking began to change. I stopped reminiscing about my fall in the mud, and changed my mind to thinking that nothing was gonna stop me from keeping up with the pack, and having fun the rest of my trip. 


Fear was literally keeping me from enjoyjng the excursion I payed for. Fear told me I couldn’t.


I realized that fear in comparison to Jesus stands no chance. I had to realize that God is producing a newness in my life, and there is absolutely no way for me to fully walk in it if I’m holding on to fear. Fear has been in my name for too long.


This moment pushed me to get rid of it, and to no longer take it on as if I owe it anything. 


in saying that..don’t let fear hold you back any longer. THESE NI**AS cant hold you back! 

Woahhhh... before you go I want to show you my battle scar from falling. It’s that dot on my hand. Yea I’m a warrior heaux😎.


Yea..that’s it..bye

Alexis D.